Wednesday, September 20, 2006


International Talk Like a Pirate Day came and went with nary a mention here on Man Beard Blog, a sad commentary on the state of things considering piracy is a critical Man Beard qualification. Hopefully I'll find a way to make up for this inattentiveness.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Man Beard puzzle: Andre Agassi

Is Andre Agassi a Man Beard?

This ESPN commentary says that Agassi finished his tennis career "manfully" and includes a picture of young Andre's brash beard. He is very wealthy, a little crazy, and he sometimes looks like a pirate.

The challenge of trying to assess his worthiness for Man Beard status is that he changed so much over the years. For example, he has a long history of facial hair, but recently he's been totally clean shaven. So that's a strike against him I guess.

Another strike would be that his irrational exuberance probably peaked over 15 years ago, but on the other hand his divinity has steadily increased to the point where he's now a full-blooded tennis deity.

Artistic creativity is an important Man Beard trait that he exhibited in abundance in his early years with his outrageous attire. His garb has been more conventional lately, but does artistic creativity ever really go away? I suspect it has stayed with him but taken on new forms.

So I put the question to the Man Beard readers. Is Andre Agassi a Man Beard? Justify your response.