Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PZ Man Beard

PZ Myers sports a sturdy professorial beard and poses with ferocious cartoon beasts (see image).

When he's not waging war for science or romancing cephalopods, he intelligently designs mad deicide machines and then blogs all over his pathetic victims. His artistic creativity manifests itself both by inspiring others and by his tasteful decorating style.

He deserves a better introduction, and soon he shall have it, but for now let us simply celebrate... PZ Myers: MAN BEARD!


ladyvonkulp said...

If you have PZ, then you *definitely* have to add The Amazing Randi.

adspar said...

How have I not thought of that yet? This shall be done.

Eric said...

I have no idea who this guy is but I like his style. Including that sweater vest he's wearing.

adspar said...

PZ keeps a popular blog and recently added Man Beard Blog to his blogroll. This genorous gesture on his part led to an examination of his Man Beard credentials, and as you can see he is highly qualified for induction.