Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Man Beard to end all Man Beards: 300's King Leonidas

Last night Man Beard Blog pulled some strings to get invited to attend a pre-release screening of 300. It would be a violation of the Man Beard Code to reveal any spoiler type information, so I'll simply say that there can never be a Man Beard more perfect and glorious than Gerard Butler's King Leonidas. It is as if everything that Man Beard Blog has ever said or accomplished was done simply to prepare for seeing this movie.

Man Beard fury the likes of which has never been seen.

It is probably going to take me a few days to recover from this (Sidenote: Hypothetically, is it a problem if you have an erection that lasts for 15 hours? What if 300 Man Beard Spartans were its inspiration? What if they were being led to war against a million Persians by the single greatest Man Beard in the history of facial hair?). After I calm down, I might have to do an analysis of King Leonidas on the Man Beard Scale, which will have to be specifically invented for the purpose of giving him the perfect Man Beard Score. All other Man Beards will be quantified in relation to him, and they will be given a Leonidas Score, and it will be good.


Eric said...

After hearing this I can't imagine a scenario in which I would be more excited to see a movie.

your connection said...


Gerard Butler, The Phantom as you point out, is also Dracula in Dracula 2000 with Vitamin C, both of which are leading roles that I felt Butler played quite nancily.

I'm glad I didn't know this going in, however had I, were it possible, I would have walked away even more impressed with his performance. This guy was non-stop intensity.

Sitting front row, where chick nips are the size of your head and washboard abs sandwiched between luscious pecs and flexing thighs cover the screen so that finding covered skin is like looking for Waldo...might have contributed to your boner.

adspar said...


I forgot to mention there is some quality female nudity.

Man Beard Blog

Eric said...

And now I'm more excited

Anonymous said...

Dear All:
I have a fantastic black beard (well, OK... Some gray in it also).. Regardless, I need a good PIX of king Leonidas beard to show a stylist so I can get a trim. Can anyone help???? EMail me at

John Gag said...

My man beard is getting manly

charlotte said...

Man Beard Blog rocks hard. Almost as hard as Gerard Bulter rocks a Leonidas beard. That's why I'm writing. I fell that the nomenclature for the "Leonidas Score" does not accurately reflect Gerard's contribution. Just sayin.