Sunday, January 07, 2007

Farewell to a Mighty Man Beard

While it is always a sad time here at MAN BEARD BLOG when the world loses a prominent Man Beard, we take some solace knowing that Saddam Hussein died in a Man Beard frenzy that will not soon be forgotten.

While weak-minded, smooth-faced, heavily-hyphenated cry-babies complain that the affair was not a "dignified passage to his end" and worry about petty details like execution not being "legal" under Iraqi law, MAN BEARD BLOG knows that this was the only way out for a Man Beard of Saddam's stature.

Just try to imagine the scene: dozens of screaming blood-thirsty Arabs, most of them likely adorned with thick black and grey beards, united in irrationally exuberant regicidal fervor. What more could a Man Beard want for his own hanging?

Saddam Man BeardSaddam Hussein
Brutal Iraqi Dictator, Man Beard
1937 - 2006

In his final moments, Saddam asked "Is this how real men behave?" But I think he knew full well that his executioners were no mere men.

They were Man Beards.

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