Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson and Saddam Hussein: Man Beards

Saddam Beard
The biggest news in beards right now has to be the impressive specimen that famous actor Mel Gibson is sporting, which many are noting has a striking resemblance to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's bushy monstrosity.

Gibson is in the news because he got plastered then made anti-Semitic comments and insulted police officers while being arrested for drunk driving. Hussein is a ruthless dictator who refused to acknowledge the authority of the courts while on trial for committing atrocious crimes against humanity. Both men wear fantastic multi-colored beards that must scare the shit out of small children.

Mel Gibson BeardThese two share many other traits that are highly valued here at Man Beard Blog:


Brian said...

This is a terrific idea. Honestly, I am very excited.

Eric said...

I've always wanted to grow a beard, but lack guidance needed to do it right. Now I have it, thanks Man Beard Blog.