Monday, December 01, 2008

Blog Testicles and Big Plans

MAN BEARD BLOG is the world's premier source of news and commentary about Man Beards. Man Beard-hood is underappreciated but we're trying to change that, one blog post at a time. MAN BEARD BLOG is a respected leader in facial hair blogging, with an expertise in beards. We also make valuable contributions to the body hair blog community, the misogyny blog community, and the regicide blog community.

But you already know all of that.

What you might not know is that the experts have recently proven that MAN BEARD BLOG has bigger testicles than any other blog in the world. This enables us to produce more cyber-sperm than any other blog, which in turn has allowed MAN BEARD BLOG to father more baby blogs than any other blog. Some Man Beards would say this means that we're the fittest blog. We don't say that. We don't have to. We just let our balls do the talking. (And they agree with Charlie.)

When all those baby blogs grow up, they'll be fierce Man Beard Blogs like their father, and then we'll all form a family band of unstoppable pirates that will put every woman in the world in her place and also compose lovely sonnets and hang with our new best friend, bearded Will Ferrell. And then where will you be, motherfucker?

That's right, you'll be here. Reading MAN BEARD BLOG.

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