Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Next assignment for the intern

What we're all about here is summed up in our simple equation:

That's all there is to it. We're a simple site, in that our profound greatness grows out of a simple concept, like whiskers from a chin.

Up to this point, I've operated the blog with a preference for proclaiming the glory and exploring the nuance of the Man Beard. My equation has looked more like "Man Beard + Blog = Man Beard Blog." Man Beards are the most interesting kind of man, and they wear the most interesting beards, but in fairness, there's a whole world of beards out there, and not all of them are growing forth from the face of a Man Beard.

This is where Brian comes in. Brian, an established facial hair enthusiast, has been brought on board to help restore balance to the MAN BEARD BLOG equation, by blogging about beards.

So go forth, young intern, Brian the Bard of Beard, and regale us with tales of bearded glory, bearded woe, bearded love, and bearded heartbreak. Massage us with a mustache; goad us with a goatee; scorch us with sideburns; choke us with a chinstrap. Shave, scratch, prune, polish, wax, brush, comb and shampoo us all in a barber-ous fury of beard blogging!

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