Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let's get a few things straight

If you're new to this site, there's something you should know right up front. Man Beard Blog doesn't fuck around with any kind of blogging that isn't about Men, Beards, Man Beards, Beard Blogs, Man Blogs, or Man Beard Blogs. What else would you expect Man Beard Blog to blog about?

Women blog about fucking kitchens and their periods and how they don't have testicles. Don't expect that bullshit here. Man Beards put those bitches in their place, and Man Beard Blog documents it.

Queers blog about homo stuff like their new mustache and how much they love men and man genitals. Don't be coming here thinking you'll get any of that. Man Beards stomp them and Man Beard Blog glorifies it.

Poor people blog about how they don't have any money and how hungry they are. Go back to sleeping in the fucking gutter if you want a hot spoonful of that porridge. Man Beards amass great personal wealth by using their artistic creativity to inspire the penniless fools to make more of their pathetic lives. Then Man Beards eat the impoverished hearts out of their emaciated chests while Man Beard Blog cackles in glee!

Man Beard Blog blogs about piracy, a trait common to the fearsome Man Beards of the sea. YARR!!

Man Beard Blog documents the regicidal achievements of Man Beards, and then cheers their subsequent ascent to a status of eternal divinity. Praise their glory forever!

Man Beard Blog offers testicles, the swollen gonads common to the virile scrotums of many mammalian species. Suck them!

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