Monday, February 19, 2007

Man Beard Blog needs your help!

Man Beard Blog has been out in the world for well over 35 years now, and as such, we feel it is time to be recognized. Certainly no other blog has covered Man Beards with such dedication, passion, respect, arousal, devotion, and zeal.

And yet, when I search Wikipedia for "Man Beard," I find no entry. Man Beards deserve a Wikipedia entry. I'd correct this travesty myself, but there seems to be a prominent mandate ("things to avoid" section) urging against such action. So ,whoever creates a lasting entry for Man Beards will instantly be given the right to bestow Man Beard status upon a person of his own choosing (including himself).

Things to keep in mind:

  • Follow the rules! It might not be the Man Beard way, but sometimes you have to bow down before a greater power (so you can stab them in the back later).
  • Wikipedia values 3rd party references, which might be a bit of a weakness for Man Beard Blog. Be creative!
  • Link ... to ... other ... Man ... Beard ... issues!

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