Thursday, February 08, 2007

Operation Stomp the NBA

John Amaechi is out and now nobody is safe except for Baller Man Beards like LeBron James, Bill Walton, Scott Pollard, Zydrunas Ilguaskas, Phil Jackson, Greg Oden, and Pau Gasol. The rest of the league is suspect. How many of them are queer, trying to destroy family values with their radical homosexist agenda!!?

I think it is time for Man Beards to wage some preemptive queer-stomping war against ballers who almost certainly have secret WMDs (Wanting of Massive Dongs).

John Starks? British intelligence said he went 2 for 18 from the field the night after his boyfriend broke up with him. STOMP!

Kwame Brown? After he tried to get uranium from Africa, this #1 draft pick couldn't handle the pressure of his secret life (and he is "friends" with Osama). STOMP!

Jeff Foster? Makes sex eyes at every man he sees, including Muslims like the ones who hijacked planes. STOMP!

Dwayne Wade? Damon Jones? No two dudes can walk around together looking this dapper unless they are having sex with each other, and if you disagree you must be a homo-supporter who hates America. DOUBLE-STOMP!

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