Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who is a Man Beard? NOT YOU!

There has been nothing but silence in response to our impassioned plea for assistance, and that silence speaks volumes about the irrational exuberance of our readership. Man Beard Blog is hereby issuing a resounding "FUCK YOU" to all of its readers, not one of whom could ever possibly be a Man Beard. If you are reading this, you're a hairless, rationally restrained, artistically stunted mortal, and you can go suck a choad.

At this point it would take a miraculous bearded act of Jesus or Michael McDonald, specifically one of them actually reading this blog, to overturn this official (and staggeringly self-defeating) condemnation of our own audience.


i'm a dude with a beard, trust me said...


Bird Advocate said...

You know not what you do (or something like that). I haven't seen your beard yet. I actually have one.

adspar said...

Man Beard Blog is highly skeptical of you and your beard. Most likely you're a spy from some diabolical anti-beard agency trying to fit in here. It won't work! MAN BEARD BLOG FOREVER!!