Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Man Beard Blog Heat Check!

Search Terms (Man Beard Blog's Google rank):

"beard blog" (#2)
"testicles beard" (#1)
"men with beards blog" (#3)
"beard not growing in straight" (#2)
"female bodygroom" (#3)
"how to grow a beard if you're asian" (#5)
"300 spartan beards" (#4)
"gerard butler beard" (#1)
"gerard butler beard 300" (#7)
"character analysis, king leonidas" (#6)
"leonidas beard" (#1)

World beard domination is within our reach!


Mox said...

Huzzah for Man Beard Blog. PS have you seen this example of beard science? I admit the experiment was probably grounded in more than a little irrational exuberance, but all the better.

Anonymous said...

he said, Huzzah!

that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

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