Saturday, March 03, 2007

Man Beard Prospect: My buddy Dave

Brice Lord seems like he has a bright future ahead of him. I wouldn't say he's a Man Beard yet, but he's got a lot of potential. He's dabbled in bearding in the past, and has demonstrated ample amounts of artistic creativity both on his blog and in his beautiful musical mastery of the guitar.

It seems like he's trying to move into another Man Beard realm, queer-stomping, but it is the opinion of Man Beard Blog that saying something like

my Moroccan boyfriend, Michael, hasn't been too hot on the beard, saying that "it doesn't not look good, you just look better without it" and "it makes you look...older."
is too likely to be perceived as "gay friendly" by the average reader, even though its sarcastic homo-bashing undertones are obvious to a more intelligent audience. But young Brice Lord shouldn't be discouraged. We know he was just trying to imitate the sophistication he's seen here at Man Beard Blog. What he has to keep in mind is that the typical Man Beard Blog reader is way fucking smarter than the typical reader of his little blog, so he has to dumb that shit down accordingly.

That criticism aside, we like the way things are going for my buddy Dave. We also appreciate the way he demonstrated his attentiveness to the recent Man Beard lesson and didn't beg to be added as a Man Beard, but simply requested acknowledgement. Man Beard Blog has always been and will always be happy to herald the bearding accomplishments of those sympathetic to our cause. Keep up the good work, Brice Lord!

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Brice Lord said...

I could ask for no further honor.